Make Dad’s Day

Still looking for the perfect father’s day gift? It’s not surprising. Dad’s are so special, it’s hard to imagine a gift that says it all. I gave up long ago (and when my dad starting asking for an Airstream) and decided that as long as it was thoughtful and personal, I had done my daughterly duty. Ties were out, bottles of single malt scotch were in!

Every dad is different, so we rounded up a selection of gifts to suit them all in the June issue of the mag. Lucky for you, gift-giver, they’re are all stylish to boot. Here are a few other suggestions for the dad in you life, no matter what his M.O.

The Marshmallow Shooter
Apparently, I have been depriving my dad all of these years of good, old-fashion fun. This gadget is instant gratification for the entire family, and only requires mini-marshmallows to keep it going. Give it to the sporty guy, or any one who’s partial to water balloons and making his own slingshots. $25 at and Romeo and Juliet Shops in Gaviidae.

The Gorillapod

The tech guy will love this funny-looking tripod because it will allow him to set up the camera for a family photo on anything—a chair, a tree, a railing—without it tipping over. The legs grip on and adjust to different angles. It’s ingenius, and it comes in three sizes for every type of camera. $24 and up at National Camera Exchange

Solar-Power Messenger Bag

Ideal for the eco-dad, but really, a sleek gift for anyone. This bag uses solar panels on the outside to charge up a battery pack on the inside that dad can hook up to any hand-held device. It also comes in a backpack version. $209 at Twin Cities Green.