Making Waves

Lately I have been traveling around the U.S., updating salon professionals on insider hair trends being set around the globe on behalf of Wella Professionals. Four Trend Vision looks have been released to inspire and delight hair mavens to try something fresh. My favorite look this year is the “Roxy.” She’s a throwback to Diana Ross and Studio 54. You can imagine big, confident, textured hair! Now many of us—myself included—are not naturally curl-inclined. I have been growing my hair, and I’m determined that now is the perfect time for some waves!

I have been on the search for the perfect “it” tool for years. Curling irons, marcel wavers, and curl wands: Please take a seat. I’d like to welcome the iPhone of the styling world: the Goody Heat Wave Creator. It does it ALL in one.

Dig out your pocket change, because it keeps getting better. I picked up my Goody at Target for a mere $29.99. I expected a cheap quality iron, but it’s not the case! The Wave Creator is lightweight, heats up to 410 degrees, and boasts Ceramic and Ionic metals (for smooth, frizz-free waves). The, uh, interesting shape actually serves the purpose of creating gorgeous curl variations. With a three year warranty, I know it will last me until the flat iron comes back in style, so I found a few looks that are sure to have you turning heads from the office to a backyard BBQ.

Start by taking vertical sections that are 1-2 inches wide. The size of the section will vary depending on your hair density. Go smaller if in doubt.

Next, press down on the handle to open the clamp. Make sure that the handle is facing outward to ensure that the iron can be rolled AWAY from your face. Insert the ends of that section into the clamp.

Begin to roll the iron backward, and stop right before the iron meets the scalp—no burns! The hair will naturally distribute over the bumps in the iron, creating a soft beachy wave! (See above right photo for example.)

A little trick for some variation: Leave the clamp closed on the iron and wrap the hair around the outside of the barrel. Hold the ends with your fingertips for 10 seconds. Change the direction that you wrap the hair every so often for a natural tousled look.

Here are a couple celeb looks that can be re-created with the iron:

January Jones

Appropriate for gals with the bob or the lob (yes, the long bob). Her elegant style can be recreated by pointing the tip of the iron down toward your shoulder and wrapping the hair around the outside. Wrap every section in the same direction, away from the face on both sides.  Let the waves cool and gently brush with a paddle brush, then reform the curl with your fingers.

Taylor Swift

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if her coif was natural… The answer is no way! For the copycat version, spray 1- to 2-inch wide sections with a medium-hold hairspray. I’m crazy about Sebastian’s ReShaper hairspray for all day hold and humidity protection. Position your ends under the mini-clamp. Spiral the iron around until you reach the hair near the scalp. Wait 8 seconds and release the hair. Let the entire head cool and rake fingers through the ends.

Sarah Jessica Parker

She shows off the classic second-day hair. Start with a little dry shampoo at the root for volume and oil cleanup. I can’t live without Brocato Big Easy Volumizing Shampoo. Turn the heat setting to 5 and take two-inch-wide vertical sections of hair. Run the ends through the clamp for more structure, or just wrap the hair around the outside of the iron. Flip your head upside down and twist a few large sections with a glossy pomade. I love Shu Uemura’s Cotton Uzu.

Now, go make your own waves!

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