Mall of America

Skip the slippery sidewalks and head to MOA, where the newest crop of luxury shops may surprise you

Janie & Jack

With collections like “Best in Show” and “Luxe Celebration,” Janie & Jack puts the posh in little people’s clothing (newborn to age 8, to be exact). You’ll find Far Isle sweaters, toggle coats, and berets—perfect for wintering in the Hamptons. 168 South Ave., 952-854-2009


The heady scents of fresh produce, flowers, and chocolate waft from Lush, where piles of unwrapped handmade soaps look like blocks of gourmet cheese. The British boutique turns out bushels of handmade, vegan hair- and skincare products, most of which are preservative-free. Cheeky labels include the names and faces of the individuals who packaged the product, as well as an expiration date to ensure its freshness. 112 East Broadway, 952-854-9670

Gilly Hicks Sydney

Another brainchild of Abercrombie & Fitch, Gilly Hicks sells strictly skivvies. The women’s shop carries every form of cotton underthing—from boy shorts to bras, plus PJs and yogawear. Even the staff sports the bare essentials. 240 West Market, 952-854-5736


There’s more to Burberry than plaid scarves and trench coats—though these signature items never go out of style. This sleek boutique epitomizes classic good taste. The men’s and women’s collections include trappings like plush wool coats, polo shirts, and tafetta dresses. Top off the look with a leather travel duffel or handbag, oversized aviators, and a dapper umbrella. 178 South Ave., 952-854-7000


The grown-up sibling of Abercrombie & Fitch, Ruehl was designed for the twenty- and thirtysomethings who have outgrown rugbys and roughed-up denim. Preppy sweaters, crumpled button-fronts, and downy jackets neatly line the rooms of this shop, designed to resemble a Greenwich Village brownstone. While the clothing here might be more sophisticated—and more expensive—than A&F, the music is just as loud, the fragrance just as potent, and the artwork just as suggestive. 244 West Market, 952-854-6626

Martin + Osa

Named for a Kansas couple who explored Africa and the South Pacific in the 1920s, Martin + Osa elevates sporty, all-American styles by using high-quality fabrics and refined tailoring. Basic T-shirts, hoodies, and even sweats have been upgraded with cashmere and fine-gauge cotton. The ballet flats, canvas bags, and trench coats will win over any jet-setter who wants to travel in comfort. 214 South Ave., 952-854-4675


Nike’s new concept store is more boutique than sporting-goods store—right down to the wood-paneled walls and streaming-video at the entrance. In addition to finding standard Nike athletic gear and apparel, customers can design their own shoes at the NikeiD studio and customize T-shirts with vintage images and fonts at the Tee Bar. Can’t find that thermal running jacket you saw online? Use the NikeFind kiosk to locate any item and have it sent to you. 142 South Ave., 952-854-5042

Napa Valley Grille

Arguably the best restaurant at the Mall, Napa Valley Grille features local and seasonal ingredients and a notable wine list. But this elegant spot isn’t just for expense-account dining. Try one of the three-course, prix-fixe lunches for under $15, or refuel at happy hour, where $2 gets you a garlicky chicken slider or a cup of house-made soup. Wines by the glass are only $6. 220 West Market, 952-858-9934