Martha McQuade and Dan Clark Launch MAD

Architecture meets fashion at a new cross-disciplinary design studio

MAD Shirt
photo by wing ta

Architecture and interior design often inspire fashion, but for new Minneapolis design studio MAD—founded by Martha McQuade and Dan Clark, two notable names from the local architecture scene—they’re practically one and the same. The pair has debuted a new clothing line this fall (found exclusively at local boutique Parc) as well as a line of concrete platters and plates (for sale at North Loop’s Wilson & Willy’s). Clean lines and a neutral color palette of soft pink, gray, and ivory are present throughout the pair’s work, be it architectural plans, concrete objects, or waffle-knit sweaters.     

McQuade has been designing textiles, clothing, and scarves for a few years under her own namesake label. Though fabric was a new medium for Clark, he’s taken to it quickly. “There’s really no difference between designing a building and designing a shirt,” he says. “You just have to figure out the technical things, but otherwise, the process is very similar.” • mad–