MartinPatrick3: Gift Guide for Guys

Why is it that buying gifts for the men in your life always poses such a challenge? I’ve taken too many risks and had too many brilliant ideas flop (okay, maybe that coffee table book on modern art was a little ambitious for my extreme sports-loving brother), so I’ve receded into what I call “safe” territory over the past few years: ties, gift cards, DVD box sets.

This year I wanted to do better with gifts that will up a guy’s game, so I’m headed straight for MartinPatrick3 to remedy the problem. It’s an essential North Loop mancave where the salespeople are helpful, the candy is free, and everything you could possibly need for the guys on your list is in one place. Sipping on a glass of scotch from the full bar behind the sales counter doesn’t hurt either. I hope the guys in my life aren’t reading this, because I think it’s going to spoil some surprises…

For your brother:

Photo via MartinPatrick3

Let your brother feel cooler than Tom Cruise in a pair of hip sunglasses, or encourage him to visit more often with a sleek weekend bag that’s far more stylish than his beat-up duffel.

For Dad:

Photo via MartinPatrick3

You wouldn’t want to make Dad nervous with anything too trendy, so consider a cool clock to add extra style to a home office, or a soft leather wallet that will stand the test of time.

For your best friend:

Photo via MartinPatrick3

Pick up a cheeky flask for your best friend that’s just big enough for one so he doesn’t feel obligated to share. Alternatively, a sleek cocktail shaker may make him more willing.

For your significant other:

Photo via MartinPatrick3

Keep your significant other looking stylish with a cool pair of brogues or an all-occasion watch so he can count the minutes ‘til he sees you next.

2112 3rd Ave. N. #106