May's Must-Attend Events

5.6.14—Liquid Music: Daniel Bjarnason and Nadia Sirota

New music in the Amsterdam Bar: stripped down classical in this Liquid Music presentation aimed at stretching the definition of getting your ears rocked on a decidedly non-stuffy night out. The Minneapolis Music Company—more than 10 musicians strong—debuts with two works by composer Bjarnason. • 5/6,

5.10.14—TU Dance

A decade in, Toni Pierce-Sands and Uri Sands continue to lead their company into realms of exquisite beauty and expression—this time featuring the 1970 duet “Twin Cities,” by African American choreography giant
Alvin Ailey, as well as a new work and a local premiere piece both by Uri. • 5/10,

5.16-7.5.14—Paradise, Paved: An Oil Painter’s Exploration of the Suburbs

Minneapolis painter Scott Lloyd Anderson’s latest series marries the eye of a landscape artist to parking lots and strip malls in dignified idylls of concrete, glass, and the muted tones of the suburbs during the hours of long shadows. 5/16–7/5,

Through 5.25.14—Detroit

Two couples fire up the old grill on a warm getting-to-know-you night in the suburbs—what could go wrong? A panicked sense of cracked, funny despair beneath the surface of things, with a cast of some of the most consistently rewarding actors in town. Through 5/25,

5.30.14—TV Takeover 

TPT’s Rewire initiative includes TV Takeover, which lets five Minnesota arts institutions spotlight their own original and curated programming—baby steps, maybe, from some of the stodgy choices to which we’ve grown accustomed to seeing. But we’ll be watching—as will public-TV producers across the nation. 5/30 debut,