McKnight Fellows Display Artistic Greatness

Cream of the crop, crème de la crème, top of the class—all describe the four recipients of the 2012–13 McKnight Artist Fellowships for Visual Artists. Selected from an applicant pool of 209, Jim Denomie, Chris Larson, Ruben Nusz, and Natasha Pestich present new work at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). After receiving the fellowships in May 2012, these gifted, established locals have spent the past year meeting critics and continuing to do what they do best—create. 

“The Creative Oven” by Jim Denomie
Courtesy of Rik Sferra

The highly anticipated exhibition features provocative collections—each artist drawing on specific, slightly unorthodox, inspiration. Attendees can expect to see a spectacular array of ideas and medium that reflect each artist’s strengths.

Look no further for Friday night plans. Attend the reception at MCAD on June 14 and be one of the first to indulge in the swoon-worthy, never-before-seen pieces. The reception will also feature work and interviews by visiting critic and publisher Phong Bui.

Without further ado, let’s meet the McKnight fellows:

Jim Denomie utilizes canvas to explore controversial cultural topics. He incorporates his own artistic touch to expose societal barriers encountered during the creative process.

Chris Larson gives small-scale architecture big meaning. While many focus solely on the new, Larson draws awareness to the unplanned changes that result from creating the new.

Ruben Nusz engages the audience by creating paintings that “disrupt human perception.” Don’t miss this collection for a mind-boggling experience.

Natasha Pestich, an associate professor at MCAD, incorporates printmaking, storytelling, culture, and the public to record her recent project.

2012–13 McKnight Visual Artists Fellowship Exhibition
June 14­­–July 14
Reception: June 14, 2013 | 6:30–8:30 p.m.
The Minneapolis College of Art and Design
2501 Stevens Ave., Mpls.