Meet Como Zoo's Newest Family Member

Prepare yourself for extreme cuteness—Como Zoo has announced the arrival of a baby giraffe, born Oct. 2

Meet Daisy and Skeeter’s little baby girl (her name is yet to be determined).

photos courtesy Como Zoo/ Zookeeper Jill

Today, Como Zoo announced the birth of a female giraffe, the daughter of Daisy and Skeeter, which brings the zoo’s resident herd to a grand total of four. At 5′ 8” and 120 pounds, the baby is standing tall and proud and, based on her facial expressions, she looks pretty curious, too! 

She is the eighth calf to be born to Daisy and the 22nd giraffe birthed at the Como Zoo in the last 24 years. She is Skeeter’s sixth offspring, five of which have been female.  

The baby giraffe is yet to be named and will make her public debut next week, which will allow for Daisy and her baby to bond in private.

You can check out Como Zoo for more information and up coming events!