Meet Minnesota Style Maker, Nikki Brown of Haus Salon

Minnesota has a wealth of talented artists. When it comes to hair, so many of the most well known stylists have had their beginnings here in Minnesota.

Please let me introduce you to Nikki. Seriously, she is one of the most talented colorists I have ever come across anywhere! And true to Minnesota, she is not only talented, but a gem of a person as well.

Please tell me a little bit about you, how you started, and what inspires you as a colorist.

I am originally from Minnesota, born and raised. I grew up playing basketball and soccer. Those two sports were my outlets. During tournaments, any traveling that was allowed at my young age and in between games I learned that I had a passion for hair and art.

I started coloring my mother’s hair at the age of 13, and styling all of my friends hair for prom and other fun events at the age of 13-16. My inspiration comes from you and everyone else that I come in contact with. We as individuals are constantly fighting our own battles and look for certain people who are able to translate and communicate those feelings and emotions for us. I realized I could do that through the art of hair.

What are some trends for fall you are especially excited about?

Fall! I love fall. Dimensional brunettes, blondes and red heads pump me up for this fall season. The raw, natural, organic and effortless hair that we are seeing for this fall create a lot of excitement for me. I live to and love creating and enhancing what’s already beautiful.

Do you have a tip or two for extending the life of hair color?

No. 4 sulfate and sodium chloride-free shampoo and conditioner along with a thermal and UV protectant! That’s your gateway to success for a beautiful shiny and long-lived color. Shampooing your hair every other day or third will help you and maintain your color. Also, hats!! If you’re outside and you have color treated hair, a hat will be your best friend.

Are there any new exciting things coming up for you?

Last but not least, I’m extremely excited for this October. This October, Haus salon will be opening a fresh an innovative salon in the north loop off of Washington in downtown Minneapolis which will continue to carry on the Haus brand. Being promoted to the color director at the new location and leading the color team to success, I’m honored and excited to see the positive growth that will happen within the next year.

I love and have to say “I am completely obsessed with my job.” Having the freedom and vision to create what I want day in and day out is a luxury. It’s up to you to make this career what you want. The possibilities are endless.

You can find Nikki and her truly visionary hands at Haus Salon in Minneapolis.