Megan Tamte

Owner and founder: Hot Mama, four metro locations,

This savvy retailer and mother of two is a master at empowering moms with style. Here she shares her laid-back approach to the good life.

Trend you love: Scarves. They pull together even the most casual outfit. Denim brand: Tag bootcut. They do a good job of minimizing thighs. Fashion icon: Jennifer Aniston. I just love her sense of style. Fashion designer: Diane von Furstenberg. Go-to outfit: When I’m not working, it’s Hard Tail yoga pants and a James Perse T-shirt. I’ve always been very casual. Paper or plastic: Envirosax reusable shopping bags. Other than Hot Mama, where do you shop? Target, and I’m a huge Nordstrom girl. Local restaurant: We don’t eat out much, but the Edina Grill is our family hangout. Guilty pleasure: Dark, dark chocolate. Stylist: Alex at Spalon Montage in Edina. Book: Anything about business or parenting. I don’t read any fiction! On your iPod: I just saw Movin’ Out, so I downloaded every Billy Joel song I love. TV show: I don’t watch TV. I stopped when I decided to start Hot Mama. Vacation spot: We just went glamping—glamorous camping— in Santa Barbara. I like a mix of nature and luxury. Way to spend Saturday night: We have friends over for dinner and get takeout from Broder’s. I serve it on paper plates and we just chill out. Way to escape: Yoga. I love that mind-body connection.



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