Minneapolis DJ Wants To Be Your Mad Man

Minneapolis DJ Jake Rudh has been collecting midcentury modern art, furnishings, and home décor for more than 10 years. He owns more than 100 Frank Sinatra records. He rocks a suit and skinny tie when he DJs. He’s been known to sleep in his car the night before a promising midcentury estate sale so he can be first through the doors.

And Jake Rudh wants to be on Mad Men. He’s entered the walk-on role contest sponsored by AMC and Banana Republic for the second year in a row, and as of this writing, he’s 13th on the men’s list. There are just two weeks left to vote (it ends September 17), and he’s “campaigning like a politician for votes,” as he says.

Besides sleeping in his car to get to estate sales early, he’s done some other things that have given him some midcentury cred before his run for the walk-on role. He founded Twin Cities Mid-Century Modern, a Facebook group that now has 844 members who discuss midcentury homes, décor, sales in the area, and their shared love of midcentury design and lifestyle.

He also coordinated the Season 3 and Season 4 Season Premiere Parties for Mad Men, held at Jax Café. The event sells around 300 tickets and attendees come dressed to the midcentury nines.

And he DJs the Minnesota Historical Society’s RetroRama, a runway fashion show showcasing vintage fashion alongside local designer’s re-interpretations.

Clearly, he’s a dedicated man of style. If you want to see a Minnesotan on Mad Men, vote here early and often. “If everything aligns,” he says, “I will host a party to remember.”