Minnesota, Political Style

Last week I was celebrating the opening of Il Vostro Boutique in St. Paul, just in time for the RNC. Convention visitors are going to swoon—if they didn’t know the Twin Cities were such an exciting retail destination, well, that’s about to change. This week I’m loving the creativity of a couple of our local designers, who have come up with clever, witty politically-themed merchandise.

Everything is cuter when it’s tiny. That’s one reason I can’t get enough of onesies, even though I don’t have baby of my own to sport them. Emily Kallenberg of Woodbury always comes up with the most darling creations. Her kids clothing line, Emily Allyn, now includes Little Democrat and Little Republican onesies. I can’t think of a sweeter, more subtle way to show your party pride. Plus, they’re available in a soft, organic cotton—hooray. 



Fran and Jen Shea of Minneapolis-based Zeichen Press, who we lauded in our Best of the Cities 2007 issue, couldn’t resist taking a swing at the upcoming convention. I’m not surprised, considering the cheeky one-liner letterpress designs they regularly churn out (My personal favorite: “I’m glad you’re having a baby and I’m not”).  They came up with these RNC postcards, available on their website, and at Romeo and Juliet Shops in Gaviidae.  The duo offered the following disclaimer, with a wink and a smile: While Zeichen Press remains politically neutral as a company it subscribes to the belief that anything is fair game.