Minnesota's Fashion Scene

If that sounds like an oxymoron, then I have three words for you: Minnesota Fashion Week. (And pick up a copy of Minnesota Monthly, why don’t you.) Because like our fantastic local boutiques, Minnesota’s fashion designers are worthy of your attention. This week they team up with the retailers who support them for a slew of shows, sales, and events. It’s an opportunity for you, dear reader, to dip your toe into the local fashion scene. Get the full scoop and schedule here.

The celebration culminates on Friday at Voltage: Fashion Amplified. Now, before you dash out for the latest BCBG frock, please note that Voltage is not the champagne-sipping white tent event you’re envisioning. Oh there will be cocktails, but Voltage is better known for the avant garde styles that march down the runway to ear-splitting live music. It’s at First Ave. (a venue that’s seen my better grunge), which is fitting because Minnesota fashion designers lean a little edgy, a little indie, and at times—a little out there. But after you weed out the “art,” there will be clothes you want to wear.

Amanda Christine’s designs, for example. Her spring collection is fantastic. The draping is impeccable, and the silhouettes are so fresh. I would wear the floral dress to a daytime wedding, or with a cardigan to work. And the creamy, slouchy Lauren Conrad-like sheath is perfect for a rooftop cocktail—or layered with a t-shirt and leggings on a cool, spring day.




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