MN Fashion Week(end)

It was a big weekend for fashion in Minneapolis. I’m exhausted. My friends are exhausted. And I’m pretty sure that the half-naked entertainers who were dancing on the tables all night at CLUB DIVA are exhausted.

If you missed it, Saturday night DIVA MN threw it’s annual fashion bash fundraiser. Local designers, including a few students, competed to show their designs. Although some of them missed the mark completely (ill-fitting, cheap-looking, prom dresses?), I was blown away by Jason Hammerberg’s menswear collection. I’m a sucker for paisley, especially when used subtly. My husband would wear these, and that is the ultimate test. I also loved finally getting to see what Project Runway’s Jack Mackenroth can do: chic shift dresses, classic navy, and a killer cape. Plus, he is even better looking in person – just shorter (imagine how tiny Christian must be). We chatted at the bar and I pretended not to be reality star-struck.

On Sunday, Joynoelle and Monique Lhuillier teamed up at the new Hotel Ivy to give this town a real runway show. Well, sort of. Sitting in rows with beautiful people and flutes of champagne is nothing short of pure, indulgent fun. The fashions were gorgeous. I loved seeing them come alive–especially Joy’s. Monique is a genius when it comes to draping, swathing, floating, softly-hued fabrics. Every single piece is perfect. PERFECT. Below, a sampling of my favorites. I would wear one of these every day. To the bus stop and grocery store. Monique, however, wasn’t actually at the show. This just kills me. MN may not be NY or LA, but Edina
is home to one of only two of her stores. I’d like to think that we
deserve the same attention, not to mention that it just makes good
business sense.

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