Modern Living Trends to Inspire Your Home

So much inspiration comes from home spaces, as each design element can affect daily living through its colors, textures, and forms. Here are a few of the top interior trends today.


  1. Focused Open Plans
    Open floor plans need to have some focus, too—functionality and flow keeps larger spaces from feeling like basketball courts. Gabriel Keller of Peterssen/Keller Architects designed each of these spaces with a specific purpose. Note the dining table positioned perfectly under the skylight and the gallery wall directly centered at the end of the dining table. This blend of symmetrical and asymmetrical form gives this home its flow.
  2. Dining…and More
    Table surfaces that can function as a workspace, craft space, and dining table provide cross functionality that’s helpful to a growing family. The ability to keep everyone in close proximity through an open floor plan can help foster together time. This dining table is covered in stainless steel for added durability.
  3. Curated Collections
    Books and artwork can take years to collect, and in the meantime, why not start displaying them? This home’s built-in shelves house travel and art books and some special functional art from the Walker Art Shop.
  4. Everyone is An Artist
    Whether it’s a doodle on a napkin or a million-dollar etching, artwork brings personality to every space. Here we mixed local artist Leon Hushcha’s work with original tempera paintings by the homeowners’ twins.

The Look

Eames molded side and armchairs, $340–$440, Herman Miller,; Prouve RAW S.A.M Tropique 1950 dining table, $5,200, Vitra,; Terzani Magdalena suspension pendant light, $1,750, Y Lighting,; Studio ceramic bowls, $7, Crate & Barrel; Angelina Sedum, $8 each, Bachman’s; ceramic plates, $30 each, At Home & Co,; stone wave tray (part of set of 3), $1,400, Alessi Colombina tray, $90, medium orange-and-gray striped bowl, $320, Biobu canisters (set of 3), $28, assorted art books, $45–$150, small orange-and-gray striped bowl, $240, orange-and-gray striped vase, $300, Fort Standard standing bowl, $110, Walker Shop,; Leon Hushcha horse painting, $2,000, Hushcha Studio,, rustic bar stools, $200, and mini striped boxes, $24, West Elm,; cowhide rug, $350, Cost Plus World Market,

Location courtesy Peterssen/Keller Architecture & homeowners Robert and Jill Prevost
”‹Project team Gabriel Keller, Tommy Everson, Lars Peterssen, Molly Reichert, Jason Briles
Contractor Marsden Building & Remodeling

Written and styled by Barbara Schmidt