Mommy Makeover

Now that I’m a mom myself, I feel like I have a whole new insight into what to get moms for Mother’s Day.

I have a few things that I could rattle off for my own wish list, and I want to share with you one of my favorite options.

A facial.

Here’s why: Mom is tired. Mom wants some quiet time. Mom wants someone to rock her and sing to her and rub her back instead. Just once. More than likely, Mom is probably feeling like her skin is not as springy and glowing as it once was. (Pregnancy skin…oh, to have that glow again.)

Aesthetician Maggie Miley (isn’t that an awesome name?) gets it. That’s why she’s offering the Turn Around Bright Eyes treatment—I dare you to not sing that song the rest of the day—for $99 at her positively darling space, Complexions on Carter. I mean, that’s a flower arrangement and set of tea towels right there! (No knock on either gift, I love both of those things, too).

Mom will feel as though she’s walking into a fairy-tale universe when she enters the courtyard on Como Avenue in St. Paul. Deep breath number one. And then she’ll receive the cleansing, exfoliation, massage, and hydration that comes with a classic facial, all at Maggie’s expert hand and kind, nonjudgmental eye. And. AND! Mom will get a lash tint, brow shaping, and hydrating eye lift with sonic infusion. That’s the fastest face lift ever. With no down time. Or moral dilemmas.

Also of note: Complexions on Carter has a no-tipping policy.

I had my own facial with Maggie last week and I can speak for the results. My skin looked noticeably calmer and more radiant when I left. (Not bad for a sleep-deprived, fluster-y, and exhausting week.) But a few days later my face still has that nice facial-bounce feeling to it, and my skin is so happy. Maggie’s vivacious personality is a pick-me-up in and of itself.

So there you go. It’s a no-fail. It’s so easy to stop by and get a gift certificate. Win for you. Even bigger win for Mom.

Complexions on Carter
2228 Carter Ave., St. Paul