Mona Williams Closing NE Store

Three and a half years after opening in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood of Minneapolis, Mona Williams is closing its doors. The store helmed by Patric Richardson—also known as The Laundry Evangelist—has been celebrated for its selection of high-end designer clothing and accessories, and it recently has begun mixing in new designs by cutting-edge European fashion lines. Last fall, Richardson hosted a sale of one of the largest private couture collections in the country, and in May, the store opened its second outpost in a sparkling storefront at the Mall of America. All seemed to be going well for the shop, so why the closing? Was the MOA location eating up too much of his resources?

Not so, says Richardson: “I had the opportunity to sell my lease and it was too good of a deal to pass up.” Plus, he says it was making less sense for Mona Williams to stay in its current location, the only retail store amid an entire block of restaurants. He hopes to find another location in Northeast or the North Loop in the coming months. “I love being in Northeast,” he says. “I hope I can come back.” Before the shop shuts its doors at the end of September, it’s hosting a half-off sale on just about everything in the store, beginning today when the store opens at 11 a.m.

18 University Ave. NE, Minneapolis, 612-331-4493,