Shave the date with events benefitting men’s cancer awareness

November 1 is officially Shave the Date, the beginning of MOvember (formally know as November). Shave the Date is the day to start clean-shaven, then proudly grow and groom a moustache for the entire month in order to bring awareness and raise funds for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health issues. Can a moustache change the face of men’s health? Mo Bro’s think so. The moustache is quickly becoming the men’s equivalent of the pink ribbon.

From its humble beginnings of 30 Mo Bros in Melbourne, Australia in 2003 to 4 million worldwide participants in 2013, the Mo Bro movement has grown into a major men’s health movement. It’s amazing how a few determined men with some freshly sprouted whiskers can raise awareness (not to mention funds) for issues men tend to be reluctant to talk about.

And why not participate and grow a fine piece of moustachery? You can do good and look good all at the same time. I mean, really, how often do men change their look (even for just a month)? This is where the Mo Sista’s come in: encouraging the Mo’s to grow, groom, and discuss health issues. And incidentally, Mo Sista’s, MOvevember may also be the perfect time to encourage the men in your life to try something new—perhaps a new haircut to compliment that newly sprouted ’stache.

And how about a little manscaping? Add hair on the face, remove a little hair on the body. After all, guys, the ladies do it for you—isn’t it time for a little reciprocation?

With manscaping in mind (just the word, not the image), I took a little trip to the Men’s Spa in downtown Minneapolis to find out what all the hubbub was about. This place is a modern, minimalist, mancave of sorts. I walked in and felt a little like a fish out of water (i.e., I was the only female on the premises). I was, however, greeted promptly and warmly by proprietor Brad Schlager.

Photo by Fatima Olive

The Men’s Spa has more of an upscale barbershop feel, and the staff certainly has a head start on MOvember—all of the guys were sporting all manner of perfectly groomed facial hair. This is the place to come if you want some help keeping that moustache looking great. Men’s Spa offers free facial hair grooming with a haircut, and you also get a mini facial at the shampoo bowl. I also love that they offer clients a T-shirt to wear during their service so they don’t spend the rest of the day itchy. The T-shirt is also a clever promotion tool for their manscaping services!

Brad told me that manscaping is really catching on at his salon. And why not? It makes no sense for a man to be perfectly groomed from the neck up and look more like Chewbacca under the collar. As with any service at Men’s Spa, Brad and his staff begin with a consultation to determine what is to be done, and come up with a plan so you get what you ask for. When it comes to manscaping, I believe some things should just be left to the professionals!

So, gentlemen, this month of MOvemeber, do a little extra grooming. Sprout a locally grown moustache and join fellow MO Bros by spreading the word.

Check out local events on the Movember website. Last year’s top fundraising team, The Brooms, will be holding a kickoff event at the Bulldog Northeast this Saturday from 3-6pm. They recommend a $20 donation at the door, which will earn you a beer, snacks, and chance to win prizes. The event is open to anyone and is sure to be some fun! 

Happy MOvember!

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