Mustache Mania

Now that the election is over, we can concentrate on the other important event this month—Movember! In case you haven’t noticed, moustache mania is growing in all around us, and has been for a whopping eight days already.

If you’re noticing men looking a bit more scruffy than usual, it’s for a great cause. Let me update you on the lingo, because dedicating a whole month to moustaches is one of my favorite hair events of the year! (Luckily I’m without facial hair, so I live vicariously through my main—or is it mane?—men).

Male participants of Movember are known as “Mo Bros” and are the walking billboards for creating awareness of men’s health, including prostate and testicular cancer. Mo Bros dedicate the 30 days of November to growing a ‘stache, and every day their facial hair represents the male equivalent of the “pink ribbon” that we so often see in October. How cool is that?

Don’t worry, the ladies can get involved as well—“Mo Sistas” are the driving force and pioneers of Movember. They provide support and encouragement for the men in their lives to participate and raise funds for the cause. Plus, we Mo Sistas love to wear those sticky furry moustaches  whenever an opportunity arises!

The possibilities associated with Movember are endless, so visit the official Movember and Sons website to learn about fundraising opportunities. Mos are a conversation starter on their own and will bring men’s health awareness into the workplace, community, campus, and more. And obviously, Mos love to party, so there’s no better way to raise funds and have fun. The official organization will even send you a free party pack to assist in planning a Mo gathering! Shave-off parties are one of my favorites!

Be sure to check out The Art of Shaving, located in the Mall of America. They are partnering with Movember to match donations, offer free shaves, and inspire Mo Bros mustache art all month!

Feeling inspired? Here are my must-haves for Movember from The Art of Shaving:


3 Shave Moustache Razor, $40


Moustache Scissor, $20

pre-shave oil

The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil,  $25


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