My Hair is Sort of Famous

Experiment though I may with fashion and beauty products, I don’t color with my hair. It’s medium brown and boring even by my standards, but if that keeps me out of the salon every three weeks and immune to ghastly regrowth (only Cameron Diaz can pull off roots), then I’m okay with it. HOWEVER, when I learned that Jason Backe was going to be in town on a press tour for Clairol’s new Perfect 10 at-home haircolor, I knew the end was near.

Jason is the color director for Clairol and the master colorist at New York’s famed Ted Gibson salon, where he colors ANNE HATHAWAY’S hair. When we met at the Grand Hotel yesterday, he and his friendly entourage wasted no time. What did I want them to do to my hair? Um, Idunnowhatumhmmmmm?  I’m sure they could smell fear. I decided to change the subject, and asked Jason for his top DIY haircolor tips/trick, for you braver souls out there:

  • Never go more than two shades darker or lighter than your natural color.
  • When selecting at-home color, refer to the shade on the back of the box to determine if it’s right for you.
  • Follow the directions on the box! Don’t rinse the color out a second sooner or later then instructed.
  • Use Clairol’s Root Touch-Up at home to save money and extend time between salon visits (Even Jason’s clients do this. and they are not in a recession.)

When I asked him about haircolor trends, Jason was very specific: If you’re blonde, try sand tones—like Jennifer Aniston’s hair. Bright and brassy golden blonde is out. If you’re brunette, go for subtle, tone-on-tone highlights—like “Annie’s.” And, done. Before I can change my mind, Jason is tearing into a box of PERMANENT color in 7.5 Medium Ash Blonde—which he’s never used before for highlights—and “foiling” my hair with plastic strips torn from a trash bag provided by housekeeping. We set the timer for 10 minutes and hope for the best. Did I mention he does Anne Hathaway’s hair??   

There are a lot of ooohs and ahhhs when the plastic come out. Genius, someone breathes. After a rinse and a blow-out, I take a deep breath and peek in the mirror. The highlights are caramely and shiny. They’re so subtle, I can only see them when the light hits just so (hence the giant photo of Jason, not me). It’s still my hair, only better.