My Sister Shirts Are the Essence of Feminist Empowerment

photo by nicole feest

It seems there’s a message tee for every type: those wanting to proclaim their hometown pride, fandom for their favorite sports team, or devotion to Chanel. Now there’s a new Minneapolis T-shirt line for supporters of human and women’s rights who want to bring awareness to the worldwide plight of human and sex trafficking.

Despite the dark subject matter, My Sister’s super-soft T-shirts and tank tops offer an optimistic outlook. Sassy phrases that encourage feminist empowerment—“You’re not the boss of me,” “Sisters before misters,” and “Make herstory”—are outlined in sassy script on trendy silhouettes.

Co-founder Mandy Multerer says the goal of My Sister’s product line, which also includes lip balm, jewelry, and metallic temporary tattoos, is to “have a message that’s fun, empowering, and gets a conversation started.” And a portion of proceeds goes towards nonprofits fighting sex trafficking. •