Namakan Fur Launches Minnetonka Moccasin Collab

Minnetonka Moccasins have just gotten cozier thanks to a new collaboration with Minneapolis-based brand, Namakan Fur. The limited-edition product line includes Namakan’s oversized faux-fur puffs for clipping onto the homegrown footwear brand’s moccasins and slippers, as well as Namakan’s signature knit beanie with magnetic detachable puff.

It’s just one of several collaborations Minnetonka Moccasin has done in recent years with brands such as women’s wear designer Rebecca Minkoff, New York fashion label Opening Ceremony, Japanese bead artist Moko Kobayashi, and most recently, Minnesota’s own Duluth Pack

Founded by a trio of friends in 2016, Namakan Fur got its start following a successful Kickstarter campaign for for its first product, a faux-fur collar, can be attached to any coat hood (or a jean jacket, or a cardigan) with a magnet. Since then, the brand has expanded the concept to include four styles of ruffs, faux-fur blankets, and a line of knit beanies with faux-fur puffs that can be switched out for different colors, all with the same mission to create winter accessories that are as stylish as they are warm.

“Everyone on the Namakan team has been wearing [Minnetonka Moccasins] for decades,” says Namakan co-founder Molly Mogren Katt. “I have photos of my great aunt and grandma wearing them way back in the day—it was so fun to work with such a legendary Minnesota brand!”

The puffs come in four colors and add a playful, dramatic pop to Minnetonka Moccasins’ iconic footwear. Shop both the hats and detachable puffs at, and find Namakan’s full product line at