Napoleon Complex

While some girls go ga-ga over star sightings, I’ll take a celebrity make-up artist any day over Lauren Conrad. Anyone who can make my face shimmer just so, or create the perfect smoky eye, is reason for hyperventilation and rapid texting.

Last week I put my best face forward with Napoleon Perdis, Australian-born beauty guru. He was in town to celebrate the launch of his new makeup collection for Target. NP Set is the “on-the-go” (read: less expensive) version of his glamorous, runway-inspired Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics line. What I learned, and love, about NP set is that it’s 98% paraben-free—which you won’t see that at most department-store beauty counters. Every product includes “What’s in it for me,” a list of key ingredients and their benefits—it’s like having a professional on hand. According to Perdis, the quality of NP Set is exactly the same as his prestige line—the products are simply more user-friendly for the everyday woman. 

After Napoleon touched up my makeup using Blush Patrol (to fake a flush) and Auto Pilot Lip Service (an incredibly shiny balm), we talked about his top tips/tricks. Here were my favorites: 

  • Always apply mascara first, eye shadow and liner second, so you don’t overdo the color.
  • Not to prime is a crime! (Elizabeth says: Once you start you won’t be able to stop—primer creates a smooth canvas for foundation.)
  • Dab powder over entire face and blend out to tone down makeup and keep it in place.

You can catch Napoleon his new television show, Get Your Face On, airing today on TLC.