Need a Halloween Costume?

Some of our favorite Twin Cities vintage shops offer the perfect inspiration

Vintage shoes, a pumpkin, and spiders make this vintage Halloween photo. Courtesy LMproduction/Fotolia.
Photo by LMproduction/Fotolia

Halloween is coming up, so whether you’re just answering the door for trick-or-treaters or partying with friends, a costume helps get everyone in the Halloween spirit. Over the years, I’ve sewed some from table cloths, bought them from Party City, cobbled one together with Easter decorations, and more, but for your benefit, I figured I’d see what ideas some of our vintage style gurus had swirling around in their minds (and their stores). They didn’t disappoint. Stop by Via’s Vintage, Lula Vintage, and the Golden Pearl Vintage to find your unique look.

Via's Vintage has a bunch of Halloween inspiration for you.

Via’s Vintage has a pink storefront that seems to promise all sorts of preppy and chic finds, and the Halloween inspiration owner Kellie Cameron pulled together on the fly for me this weekend definitely delivers. Check out (from left to right) Daphne from Scooby Doo, the marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and a flight attendant—although, with a little more hat hunting and a killer umbrella, I strongly believe you can get a Mary Poppins look out of the last one, too. Via’s Vintage seems to have what you need to find the perfect outspoken and independent woman.

Halloween inspiration from Lula Vintage.

Lula Vintage may change out its vintage selections with the season, but there are plenty of treasures to glean for Halloween. Owner Hayley Bush sent over more than these photos and was ready to send even more ideas—as she jokes, “I always say I can help you get a cute, useful ensemble that you can rationalize momentarily as a Halloween costume.” Clockwise from above left, we have a mechanic (feel free to go Rosie the Riveter), the most stylish Evel Knievel you’ve ever seen, a wildcat costume, and, once you find the right accessories, a dress a Go Go dancer could die for.

Halloween inspiration from the Golden Pearl Vintage.

At Golden Pearl Vintage, you can find pieces that work for looks that channel the macabre to the socialite scene. Some classic looks that have come from the store have been Jessica Rabbit, Barbie (I’m a strong advocate for taking the middle dress and going beauty queen, dead or alive), and even an elegant version of the Little Mermaid. If you’re feeling stuck, owner Audra Frizzell can definitely help you out: Besides her obvious eye for style, she also has a background in costume design, so she has the creativity to help you turn a piece of clothing into a character.