New Favorite: Aveda Uruku Color Gloss

Problem: Lip gloss can be sticky and messy, lipstick can be high-maintenance, and lip stain can leech every last bit of moisture out of your lips. And as we head into the season of forced heat inside and cold wind outside, lips need a little extra care—without sacrificing color.

My latest solution: Aveda’s Uruku Color Gloss. I just tested out this hybrid lipstick-lipgloss this week and it’s the real deal. Besides imparting just the right amount of shine, the color has this effect of “This looks like me, only better.” Kind of a girl-next-door thing. Looking good without trying too hard. You get me?

The other serious consideration I have with lip products is the scent. The Uruku color gloss has the same tingly cinna-mint scent as Aveda’s Nourishmint lipsticks. Whether or not this scent helps protect and heal dry lips is almost immaterial to me, because it FEELS like it is doing just that. None of that chemical scent—or the overly floral scent that masks the chemical scent—that so many lipsticks have.

Other notable considerations: the urukum, pictured here, provides the reddish stain, and it is harvested by the Yawanawa tribe in South America, and the symbol on the packaging is taken from their Yawanawa’s own body decoration. Aveda has long supported the Yawanawa tribe in staying sustainable in their native land.

All that for $16! A winner!