New Favorite: Leila Lou Perfume Oil

It’s in my nature—and my job description—to fall in love and obsess about beauty, home décor, and fashion. So when I find a new indulgence or a trend or item I absolutely adore without reservation, I talk about it endlessly.

My latest obsession? Leila Lou perfume oil. Ta-da:

I’m rather persnickety about perfumes. I prefer citrus and green/grassy scents…no tuberose or big, fat gardenias for me. But sometimes I wish I could wear a floral like the big girls.

Leila Lou is the perfect mix. I totally thought it smelled floral, but then I checked the notes, and was surprised: Top notes are nectarine and fresh-cut grass, middle notes are pear and jasmine (there’s the floral!), and base notes are vanilla and cotton musk. It’s so fresh and clean, yet you could wear it through winter for a pick-me-up. Best yet, the perfume is made of 100 percent essential oils, and there’s super-minimal packaging. Everything used is either recyclable or already recycled. And. AND! If you mail in three empties, you get a fourth Leila Lou for FREE.

If you can’t wear perfume, this might work for you. If not, but you love the scent, there’s a candle, too! You can find Leila Lou locally at Ladyslipper Boutique at 50th & France, and A. Michele at Snelling & Selby.

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