New Natural Skincare: TROO Products

Powered by organic ingredients and essential oil blends for an affordable skincare alternative to pharmaceuticals
TROO skincare products, Minneapolis
Photo by Heidi Hanson

Like many first-time mothers, Rachel Starkweather became more conscientious of what she was putting in and on her body during pregnancy. After her child was born, she also started thinking about what she was putting on her new son’s skin.

A preschool teacher with a background in early childhood development and education, Starkweather did what only seemed natural: She started her own product line of natural skincare and home remedies powered by organic ingredients and essential oil blends.

“I have a lot of friends and family who would like to use essential oils for natural remedies but they’re expensive,” she explains. “I wanted to make them easily usable and affordable as an alternative to pharmaceuticals.”

The skincare product line includes everything from cleansers to a facial serum that utilizes red raspberry leaf oil as as an anti-aging and sun-defense agent. Perhaps most unique are the home remedies, which offer relief from indigestion, cuts, fever,headaches, and allergies.