New Year, New 'Do

Now that the holidays are a distant memory and all the decorations have been packed—some New Year’s resolutions may even have been forgotten already—this is still the perfect time to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch. I don’t mean buy a plane ticket and assume an alias, that would be more than I can handle right now! I was thinking something small, like a new hair cut.

Somewhere around Thanksgiving, I started to think I needed a trim. My hair, which I usually wear curly had started to lose its bounce, partially due to drier air and static. This was sign number one that it was time for a change. Days turned into weeks and I started wearing my hair up, because I just couldn’t do a thing with it. This was the second sign that I really needed a change. 

So now it’s January. I called my friend and hair dresser Jeffery Caron, owner of Studio 411 in Bryn Mawr, and made an appointment. I came in with my hair in a bun, a bad sign. A cry for help.

Jeffery immediately took it down to take a look. All the layers that allow my hair to curl in more humid months now were making my hair look stringy. “Less layers will create more volume,” Jeffrey told me. Although I had been toying with the idea of a pixie, I felt it was not quite warm enough to go that short, so we settled on a short bob with length at the front. This would still give me enough versatility when I am feeling creative.


My favorite part of visiting Jeffrey is the scalp massage. Actually, it’s the scalp massage with the amazing smelling product line he uses in the salon. Davines is an Italian brand of hair and skin care products. It started as a research laboratory, producing high-end hair care products for renowned cosmetic companies worldwide, and then they created Davines sustainable hair care products exclusively for salons. I like the products so much I have incorporated them into my professional hair kit for photo shoots.

My two favorite styling products are:

  • VOLU Mist, a volumizing spray for limp hair that creates invisible volume without any flaking. I love it for both straight and curly styles. That’s the photo at upper right.
  • No 14 Sea Salt primer is hands-down my favorite sea salt spray. It gives texture and lots of volume to hair without the dry-matte look of most other sprays.

With Jeffrey’s magic scissors creating a versatile new cut and a few pumps of the Davines products, I feel ready to take on the “Year of the Snake” having shed hair, not skin, for a great new look I can wear straight or curly.