New Year, New Muse

True inspiration is rooted in change

I used to dread change. Kind of a strange statement for a style editor, right? After all, my job revolves around watching trends become social statements, cherished classics, or, sometimes, the next “don’t.” But I know changes in the style world can be puzzling—for instance, last fall, style mags declared wide-legs were “back.” Are we supposed to quit the skinnies entirely? Can you wear both? Are wide-legs out now that it’s winter 2012? Sometimes it’s a miracle we get pants on at all in the morning. But what keeps my style ship righted is this Yves St. Laurent quote: “Fashion fades, but style is eternal.” There’s a balancing act between staying current (the trends) and personal style (what I call the “you factor”)—and that’s where I think our focus should be.

I’ve come to realize that change, besides being inevitable, can actually be fun. It doesn’t have to occur in mortifyingly self-aware moments (like the day I looked down after the new millennium hit and realized my square-toe, chunky Mary Janes should have been retired along with the ’90s). Change can come like a bolt of lightning and leave you energized: learning a trick for a foolproof cat-eye, layering pieces to create a whole new look, or figuring out the formula to that polished-yet-unstudied style that so many fashionistas have perfected.

At the beginning of the year, I take time to figure out how I’d like to change—and I think lifestyle, not fads. I acutally prefer the term “evolve”—after all, I still want to be me. I know this year I’ll be striving to do more yoga (but also weights and cardio). I’ll try to stop buying skirts—it’s out of control—and buy more tops. And because style is not only about what you wear, but also how you feed your soul, I’ll be decorating my new home to make the kind of sanctuary I’ve always dreamed about, and I’ll be helping my new rescue dog, Murray, learn to love and be loved.

On this new page, I’ll be sharing my own a-ha moments, and bringing in experts to share tips and tricks. Send me your questions and comments—maybe your own a-ha moment will make its way to this page. Together, we’ll evolve and actually have fun doing it. Skinnies, wide-legs, and all.

My Current Loves

For Beauty

I’ve been faithfully wearing the latest Prada fragrance for a couple of months and it’s safe to say that I’m totally in love. I normally pick green and citrus scents, but I love cozying up to this mix of musk, benzoin, and caramel. $80.

For Hair

This curling iron looks weird, but it works. The lack of clip and tapered barrel make for perfectly imperfect curls. People keep asking me where I got “that hair.” It’s the T3 SinglePass Whirl. $130.

For Home

Grace Bonney, one of my favorite bloggers, published her first coffee-table book right as I moved into a midcentury modern home. I’ve been luxuriating in all her fabulous ideas since it hit bookshelves. $35.

Where We Got It

Photo styled by Grant Whittaker. Clothing and bracelet from Neiman Marcus, Belt from Fashion Avenue, Hair and makeup by Fatima Olive. Furniture and pillows from Danish Teak Classics,