Nick Arrojo and Me

Stacy and Clinton are just dandy, and I love what Carmindy does with that eye brightening stick, but let’s be honest: I watch What Not to Wear for Nick Arrojo. When this sweet, charming, kind-hearted hairstylist extraoridaire walks onto my TV screen, ain’t nothing going to tear me away from the makeover magic he’s about to bring.

So when Nick came to MOA last week for the opening of Pure Beauty, a salon and boutique concept that’s replacing Trade Secret, I practically skipped my way there to meet him, ask a few questions, and pray I didn’t melt into a puddle of love at his feet (disclaimer: I don’t usually get starstruck. But this man changes LIVES.)

Nick was giving 30-second makeovers to a mile-long line of women. He had bottomless patience, stylish-yet-sensible ideas, and a megawatt smile for every single one–even the lady who appeared to have been growing her hair out since birth (Nick recommended she take it up only to the collarbone–nothing too drastic to start). He was every bit as warm and endearing in person, only taller. After I let him warm up my cold hands (oh my), we talked hair.

ED: On a scale of 1 to 10, how irritating is it when someone says, “Don’t take off any length”?
NA: Well, it’s a challenge that’s for sure. When they talk about length, people tend to think about where their hair ends. I try to get them to think about shape instead. It’s the hair around the face that changes the look of a hairstyle, not the length.

ED: Are bangs still big? (please say yes)
NA: Bangs are still big. They really change your face and frame your eyes.

ED: Minnesota summers mean humidity–and frizzy hair. What’s a girl to do?
NA: Frizzy hair is actually curly hair. In the summer, embrace it. Have hair cut to be more natural, and apply a curl cream to wet hair to keep the moisture in and enhance the waves.

ED: What advice can you give to someone who wants a makeover?
NA: Find photos of hair you love and take it to your stylist. Tell them what you’re inspired by.

ED: My friend Sue wants to know how to get a haircut with you.
NA: Tell her to call up the salon and make an appointment! I see 45 clients a week.