Northfield Arts Guild's Evening Of Fear

The artsy town puts classic ghost stories in lights

A zombie hand reaching toward the sky from the ground.


Northfield, the southern Minnesota home of St. Olaf and Carleton, enjoys an “arts town” reputation. So much so that to accommodate its strong drama-geek crowd, the Northfield Arts Guild this month debuts the NAG LAB alongside its regular programming, strapping local playwrights with small budgets to stage lo-fi, less-orthodox shows. The experiment opens with a double-feature of classic ghost-story one-acts: “The Monkey’s Paw” and lesser-known “The Drop of Water.” In one, an older couple tangles with death after wishing back a lost son. The other watches one mistake trickle toward horror. Lo-fi hasn’t hampered first-time director Russ Paladin; staging his adaptaions, he’s drawing inspiration from darkness—Audrey Hepburn’s pitch-black scramble in Wait Until Dark and even the swathes of nothingness in The Blair Witch Project.