Now Open: Sage and Cypress

The new home store Sage and Cypress brims with handcrafted treasures made from vintage, secondhand, and natural materials
Sage and Cypress, south Minneapolis
Photo by TJ Turner

For years, Sarah Nordstrom crafted her artfully refurbished furnishings and decor behind closed doors. Her self-described “artistic curiosities” have finally seen the light of day with the opening of her new shop, Sage and Cypress.

Located in the Tangletown neighborhood of south Minneapolis, the cozy storefront was founded in partnership with Nordstrom’s longtime collaborator, muralist and painter Tricia Farrell. The store is brimming with handcrafted treasures made from vintage, secondhand, and natural materials, displayed against the backdrop of Farrell’s whimsical paintings. The fantastical creations take inspiration from the pair’s individual travels spanning Scandinavia, southern Europe, and India. In one corner, a floor lamp has been retrofitted with a birdcage; in another, a lion-foot loveseat has been reborn with tufted velvet and boldly patterned upholstery.

Collaboration is at the heart of Sage and Cypress, which is the fruit of seven years of joint projects between the pair—“an amalgamation of ideas and interests that we collectively bring together,” Farrell explains. That cooperative spirit is exemplified in a statue of a Mediterranean woman standing on an elephant, which has been given a vibrant paint job by Farrell and a mosaic stone base by Nordstrom, and an ornate vintage brass tabletop that has been tiled in stone and given a wood-branch base.

“We love to fix things and bring them back to life,” Nordstrom says. •