Now that’s what I call a sale!

For me to be blogging about a sale, you must know that I am not messing around. I take sales very seriously. Don’t give me a coupon if it’s loaded with exclusions (ahem, Macy’s), and don’t try to lure me in with 20 percent off of your worst-selling items. I’d rather pay full price for something I really, really want, then spend hours hunting and pecking through loads of stuff, hoping to find a single gem.

The sale I present you with today is not so much a sale as it is a mother lode. Russell+Hazel, the Minneapolis-based brand responsible for putting style in office supplies, is hosting a sidewalk sale this weekend. Sometimes, I stop by the flagship store just to feel more organized. Sometimes, I go to see what pretty new color palette or pattern they’ve come up with to turn three-ring binders and notebooks into things I have to have or I will just die

The sidewalk sale will be the ultimate exercise in restraint. The sophisticated Audrey collection will be 50 percent off, including notebooks and the white file folder tote pictured here (perfect for you planful brides!). But wait—it gets better. Note cards and coaster sets will be 75 percent off, so stock up. Everything at this sale is current and in perfect condition. The only catch is that all sales are final. Not that you’ll ever be tempted to return anything from R+H. You’re more likely to develop an addiction to the stuff.

Russell+Hazel Sidewalk Sale
June 27 & 28, 9-5 p.m.
4388 France Ave. S., Minneapolis



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