NYDJ Launches Fit Parties

NYDJ brings its Fit Party denim shopping experience to Twin Cities homes in June


Finding the perfect-fitting pair of jeans is the holy grail of fashion. Most shoppers try on dozens of styles and fits before finding a pair that fits and flatters—typically under the fluorescent lights of a cramped dressing room.

L.A.-based denim brand NYDJ is attempting to take some of the guesswork (and unflattering lighting) out of jeans shopping with its latest concept. Following the success of its recent National Fit Tour, which dropped down at Mall of America in April, the brand is launching its NYDJ Fit Parties, a direct-to-consumer business model debuting this month in 15 cities across the U.S., including Minneapolis.

Utilizing its patented fit technology–including the Future Fit’s elastic fiber compression technology and UpLift’s “Optic Pocket” seaming technology that offers the illusion of a higher, rounder rear view–and its wide range of sizes, from petite to plus, NYDJ is the first denim brand in the country to offer direct, in-home sales for its products. Borrowing a page from multi-level retail brands such as LuLaRoe, Avon, and Stella & Dot by bringing its products into consumers’ homes, courtesy of “NYDJ Fit Experts,” those interested in hosting a party can sign up on NYDJ’s website. NYDJ will provide a personal fit expert, who will bring along a NYDJ fit kit trunk, provide on-site styling tips, and assist each guest in finding her perfect fit. The trunk feature a variety of pre-selected styles and a run of sizes based on the host’s anticipated guest list, in addition to an iPad to ring up orders and a tape measure.

Unlike LaLaRoe and its kin, NYDJ doesn’t expect its hosts to purchase merchandise in order to host the party. They do, however, offer incentives to its hosts for the number of guests invited, the number of attendees, and any purchases made during the event. When you invite 20 guests and have at least eight attendees at your Fit Party, you will receive a free pair of NYDJ jeans, and when the guests at your party collectively spend $1,500 or more, you will receive a free NYDJ item of your choosing (valued at $150 or below). Best of all, the brand will donate one item of clothing to Clothes4Souls for every pair of jeans tried on or purchased at the Fit Party.

I spoke to NYDJ CMO Kate Foster about where the idea for the NYDJ Fit Parties came from, and what makes NYDJ special.

Where did the idea for the NYDJ Fit Parties come from?

It came from some of the things we are already doing in stores. We have had tremendous success hosting fit event inside department stores and our retail stores. It’s such a fun community-building moment to help women find their perfect fit. It’s very girlfriend-to-girlfriend, women bringing their friends or moms or sisters into our stores. We also do a lot of research and we often have girlfriends groups where we ask them about, we interview them about their denim dilemmas and what they’re looking for, so we can deliver the best possible product and experience to the customer. We thought, what if we brought these two concepts together? We know our consumer loves nothing more than to get together with their friends and have a wine-and-cheese girlfriend night, so this is an incredible experience where we can offer them a service, and help them find their perfect fit in an engaging experience.

Why bring the product into the home versus a more traditional venue?

It’s a more intimate space, it really allows us to deepen relationships with every consumer we’re able to touch and interact with. We’re always looking for new ways to deepen that brand experience. She likes to get together with her friends but she’s not always going out to a restaurant, so it seems like these events ere already happening so we’ve been able to make them better by adding on this great denim experience.

How does it work?

We have a registration form on our website. From there we have one our representatives get in touch with that host via email and set up the date for her to set up the party. Then we give her all the tools to make her party as successful as possible. She’ll outreach to her friends, we’ll send her a host kit that’s full of fun things—napkins, recipe cards, a discount to make specialty cocktail for the events—then at the event we’ll have our fit expert come to the event and she’ll bring a fit kit with all the tools she needs to help every woman at that party find the perfect fit. We have sizes from 00 petite up to 24, so she talks about the jeans, showcase the different fabrics and washes that are available, find the perfect size, and order the jeans each customer would like. And the host, for throwing the event, will get a free pair of jeans as our gift for bringing all the women together. The fit expert we provide has deep knowledge of the product and styling tips she can share. She’s a great resource for women to find style inspiration and the perfect fit. 

What makes NYDJ special?

We know that fit is one of the most important reasons why women buy jeans, and fit is really something that we do best. We know women’s curves, and our mission is to fit and flatter them. It’s about the design and the construction of our jeans—we have the perfect lines that flatter women’s bodies of all different shapes and sizes. It’s also about comfort—these jeans are soft and they move with you, thanks to our range of technologically advanced fabrications. Our Lift Tuck Technology creates an incredible silhouette. If she feels comfortable, she feels confident. That’s what we’re bringing into women’s houses—the opportunity to try on the jeans before buying them, and we believe she’ll see the difference of the NYDJ fit, and become a convert. Our CEO who comes from a major denim brand that you’ve probably heard of, when she signed up and became the CEO here about a year ago and tried them on during the interview process, she said she was hooked the instant that she tried them on. She ended up donating all of her old pairs to charity. It’s really that fit, comfort, and style that we’ve nailed, and makes NYDJ jeans special in the denim marketplace.

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