Oh Oscar

Let’s get right to it.

Overall, Oscar fashions were unremarkable. And I don’t mean they weren’t beautiful or chic and that these people aren’t gorgeous in t-shirts. I mean, it’s winter in Minnesota, we’ve been waiting for this show since television took a hiatus, and so I really needed to see something sunny, sparkly, scintillating.

Jennifer Garner (2)On the contrary, there was lots of red and black. That’s fine. I wear black almost every day. Jennifer Garner was one of the few who stood out. She looked like a million dollars in her Oscar de la Renta (who really never fails). Love the nude face, and her loose chignon.

Marion (2)Marion Cotillard reminded me of how effortlessly stylish French women are. I may be in the minority on this one, but her creamy, plunging, body-loving Jean Paul Gaultier took my breath away. Her humble, joyful win made it that sweeter.

Cameron (2)The biggest nod to spring was Cameron Diaz’s blush Dior. Though she usually surprises me more, Cameron was originial in her subtle choice. For all the glorious brights we’ll see in the coming season, a few rich neutrals will provide a soothing, I-know-how-to-wear-that, alternative. And there is nothing boring about bronzed skin and pale pinks, whites, and beiges.