OOTN LifeStyle in Minneapolis

Minnesota’s first crowd-sourced boutique opens

Though located in downtown Minneapolis, OOTN LifeStyle is truly a global brand. The women’s clothing boutique is the brainchild of 24-year-old DeSèan Mills, a native-Liberian-come-Minnesotan with a background in retail buying, personal styling, and social media. The store is an offshoot of Mills’ OOTN Magazine, a social-media platform that encourages its followers to show off their “OOTN” (outfit of the night). Today, it boasts more than 80,000 followers on Instagram and more than 188,000 on Facebook and receives some 3,000 photo submissions daily. In turn, OOTN’s dedicated online community inspires the types of items and brands the store carries—an appropriately eclectic collection that includes everything from edgy studded jackets and fringed vests to feminine dresses to bold, colorful jewelry. “We definitely attract the creative type and people who don’t follow trends—people who are all about individuality and who want to stand out,” says Mills.

99 S. 10th St., Mpls. • 612-338-3437

Photo by TJ Turner/Sidecar




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Photo by TJ Turner/Sidecar

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