Oscars Best Beauty 2014

I think in some ways the Oscars are to some as the Super Bowl is to others. I don’t want throw a sweeping generalization that it’s a women vs. men thing. I know plenty of men that love the Oscars as much as I do. As it turns out the Oscar party I went to was made up of all women and their daughters (There were some boys in attendance but only by default).

As you can imagine there was a lot of talking and commentary as we watched the stars on red carpet. Although we didn’t agree on everything, I do have to say a hush fell over the room as we caught the first glimpse of Lupita Nyong’o. To say she was breathtaking is an understatement.

Without a doubt, she epitomized the head to toe glamour that I admire. Honestly, everything was perfect and perfectly expressive of who she is; a beautiful, elegant, intelligent, and thoroughly modern woman. And every female in the room agreed that she looked stunning (I think some of the boys did too, even if they didn’t say it out loud).

A breakdown of what I loved about Lupita Nyong’o’s Oscar look.
• The entire package reflected a less is more approach.
• I love that her hairstyle made use of her natural texture. The simple headband framed her face like a halo.
• Her make up was soft and subtly emphasized her natural beauty.
• The accessories were perfectly proportionate.

Cate Blanchett
Photo via instyle.com

Next on my list was Cate Blanchet, or as my friend calls her, “Cate the Great.” Cate is another of my favorites because I believe she has such a wonderful sense of self. She also exudes the classic Hollywood glamour I love.

Cate exemplifies “less is more.” Subtlety can be sublimely dramatic. The color and style of her gown worked perfectly with her coloring. The side part and soft waves of her hair balanced with the feminine style of her dress. Her eye makeup focused on her eyelashes rather than a heavy application of dark shadows and was complimented by the soft pink shade on her lips. This is the kind of makeup application that can work on every woman.


Olivia Wilde
Photo via sheknows.com

The last actress on my list is Olivia Wilde. I thought she looked fantastic. She definitely had the mother-to-be glow. Her side swept up-do was a perfect compliment to the high neckline of her gown. These two elements combined with the dramatic cat eye makeup worked to bring attention to her spectacular eye color while everything else was understated. She looked lovely and her hair and makeup could easily translate from red carpet to real life.

Why I was so attracted to these three women and the looks they choose for Oscar night? Aside from the million-dollar jewelry and dresses, the hair and makeup applications were classic, tasteful, and very wearable. Which one would you try if you had to walk the red carpet?