Pack It Up

Many of us will spend this weekend on the go. In fact, Memorial Day weekend marks the start of the busiest travel season of the year—summer!  In the spirit of season of travel, I thought I’d share a few of my tried-and-true travel tips. From packing light to skincare, here are my top four tips:

1. Style your outfits before you pack. Then edit.
A hard rule to follow, but this one really works. Planning outfits in advance is the key to traveling light. I try to lay out my outfits before I pack, accessories included. From this point, I edit unnecessary items and coordinate as much as possible. The goal is to get as many different looks as possible from the fewest pieces.

Typically, I mix-and-match the following:

  • One pair of jeans
  • One pair of trousers
  • One pair of heels
  • One dress
  • A tailored jacket
  • Two well-fitting jersey knit tops
  • One button-down shirt
  • A great pajama set
  • A light sweater
  • A light scarf
  • A statement necklace
  • One pair simple stud earrings
  • A few bangles
  • One handbag
  • One small clutch

2. Mini in-flight facials
I know this sounds a little crazy, but hear me out. Airplane cabins have next to no moisture and it’s really hard on your skin. You may notice more fine lines after you fly because all the moisture is literally zapped out of your skin.

I try to make the in-flight time as relaxing as possible, so why not treat my skin well while I’m at it? Try my little preflight ritual that allows my skin to heal and repair while I relax.

1. Wash and exfoliate with warm water.
2. Apply a vitamin-rich serum on your face and neck.
3. Seal in moisture with a really nice skin oil. I use Bobbi Brown EXTRA face oil.
4. Drink at least one glass of water as often as it’s offered. Or purchase a large bottle before you board.

3. Keep it clean
I’ve been on enough planes to know the cold following a flight is no accident. Unfortunately airplane seats and tray tables are wiped down rather infrequently. I keep a travel pack of disinfectant wipes in my carry on to wipe my area down. This ritual is a little extreme, but it leaves my little space germ-free and smelling a lot better.  Don’t discount a diligent hand wash post flight, too.

4. Layer On
Jumping time zones and climates leaves many of us wondering what to wear while we travel. Layering is the best way to keep comfortable during your travel. I have a light cashmere scarf that doubles as a nice blanket on a chilly flight.

I’m curious about your travel tips and tricks for packing and traveling! Spill it!

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