Pattern Play

Guess what’s fun again? Ornamentation, motifs, and cozy, studied clutter

Goodbye, sharp angles and palettes of ecru, eggshell, and taupe. Farewell, minimalism. It was good while it lasted—can we still be friends? It’s not you, it’s us. We admit: we’ve had a wandering eye. Pattern layered upon pattern has sashayed past us down the runway, and now we’re ready to meet something new for the home, too. Hello, polka dots; hello, stripes! Hello, wall-hangings of all kinds! You feel so fresh and inspired—we’re thoroughly besotted with you.

1. Woven basket, $49 @ Zinnia Folk Arts, 826 W. 50th St., Mpls., 612-824-4342, 2. Danish mahogany cabinet, $985 @ Danish Teak Classics, Northrup King Building, 1500 NE Jackson St., Mpls., 612-706-1747, 3. Vase, $75 @ Spinario, 3338 University Ave. SE, 612-396-1860, 4. Pink box, $28 @ Anthropologie, 917 Grand Ave., St. Paul, 651-224-0349, 5. Decoy Lab rabbit clock, $58 @ Forage Modern Workshop, 4023 E. Lake St., 612-886-3603, 6. Deer skull, $72 @ Zinnia Folk Arts. 7. Emily Isabella Rabbit-Tat-Tat wallpaper, $165 per roll @ 8. Danish modern lounge chair, $1,985 @ Danish Teak Classics. 9. Jonathan Adler elephant needlepoint pillow, $120 @ Jonathan Adler, 1439 W. Lake St., Mpls., 612-353-5311, 10. Chevron pillow, $110; Brasilia diamonds pillow, $165 @ Jonathan Adler

This fun contemporary geometric print is the perfect foil to neutral furniture. Orange is still trending in home décor, too. Ruten cushion, $10 @ Ikea, 8000 Ikea Way, Bloomington, 952-858-8088, pillow
Stark black and white is still making a statement, even without bright color. Embrace bold graphic patterns and classics like houndstooth. Lappljung Ruta cover, $10; inner cushion, $7 @ Ikea pillow
Emerald is making a comeback. Watch for rich greens and golds. This pillow is practically a Van Gogh—perfect for art lovers and those that gravitate away from strong graphic designs. Pillow, $198 @ Anthropologie pillow
 Zig here, zag there: chevron patterns are still highly covetable. This gray-and-white beauty pairs well with jewel tones or sorbet-like pastels—even pops of neon, if you’re feeling extra bright. Zigzag pillow, $110 @ Jonathan Adler



Throw out the rulebook and embrace a little bit of chaos, because when you give up a little white space, you get a lot in return. To keep things looking tidy, stick to furniture silhouettes with clean lines. Pick a few colors for your palette and stick close to them. After that? Anything goes. Pair bold black-and-white patterns with watercolors or abstracts. Mix pieces from around the globe (Moroccan-style rugs and Danish sofas, anyone?). And don’t forget texture: pair pottery with cashmere, tweed with metal. Make your home your own.

1. Bend Bunny Chair, $450 @ Forage Modern Workshop, 4023 E. Lake St., 612-886-3603,
2. Evan Ishmael painting, $700,
3. Symphony in Three Movements mobile by Flensted, $66 @ Forage Modern Workshop
4. Black and white pillowcase, $39; cushion, $16 @ West Elm, 3879 Gallagher Dr., Edina, 952-835-8332, Green pillow, $198 @ Anthropologie
5. Danish modern sofa, $2,495 @ Danish Teak Classics
6. Squared Quotidian coffee table, $875 @ Forage Modern Workshop
7. Circle throw, $595 @ Jonathan Adler
8. Robert Lawson painting, $450 @ Forage Modern Workshop
9. Raymor & Bagli vase,  $325; studio pottery box, $38 @ Spinario, 3338 University Ave. SE, 612-396-1860,
10. Polka dot mug, $8 @ West Elm
11. Wanscher lounge chair, $1,995 @ Danish Teak Classics
12. End table, $148 @ Anthropologie
13. Beni Ourain rug, $1,200 @ Pretty Mommy,

pattern wallpaperDeck the Walls

Wallpaper is now truly a work of art, thanks to the labor of Kick.Stand.Press, which is issuing its first collection of hand-screenprinted wallpaper. The collection is inspired by nature and nostalgia, modernizing traditions we’ve known and loved forever.  Available at and Forage Modern Workshop, 4023 E. Lake St., Mpls., 612-886-3603,