Please Join Me at Women of Influence

Hi Gang!

So, I have a little news to share today. Next Tuesday, I will be helping out the illustrious Sue Zelickson by hosting my second-ever Women of Influence luncheon at the Crave Galleria location  (menu: ahi tuna sandwich or chicken sandwich with apple and brie—both are tasty!). Let me tell you that upon being hired at Minnesota Monthly, this event quickly became one of my favorite elements of my job. Even if I was just sitting in the audience.

Each season, we gather up the most interesting, intelligent, influential women the Twin Cities has to offer and we ask them all the questions we’ve always wanted to ask: How did you get here? Who are your influences? How do you balance life and work? What advice do you have? No matter the guests, the answers are always informative, candid, and inspiring. It’s our very own life-class.

This month I’ll be interviewing Dr. Jennifer Dankle, who is a cardiologist with a passion for preventing and solving heart disease—still the number-one killer of women, and disturbingly, increasingly at a younger age. We’ll be asking her all about her job, her passion, what we can do, and learning more about being the youngest and only girl in a family of several physicians. I can assure you Dr. Dankle will be enlightening and honest. I personally can’t wait—and neither should you. Get your tickets here.