Power Haus

If you’ve been looking for a high-fashion salon without the highfalutin’ attitude, this is it.

Hairstylist Charlie Brackney’s first job in high school was folding towels at a salon near his home in Fort Worth, Texas. But when he discovered other salons carried Aveda products, he went to his then-boss and told him, “I’m making a career switch.” ¶ Even at age 14, Brackney had long-range vision. Now, at 27, with his business partner, Jessica Reipke, he has opened Haus, one of the most pedigreed salons to come around Minneapolis in some time.

Brackney most recently worked at Juut, as one of its lead educators and creative directors; he and Reipke met there, where she served as hiring director. They shared a dream of opening a salon that both cared for its clients and its working talent. (Haus offers health insurance, 401(k)s, and other benefits not readily available to most stylists.)

The salon is named after the Bauhaus art movement, which appealed to Brackney for its philosophy of considering “the whole”—he factors lifestyle, skin tone, bone structure, personality, and maintenance into his well-designed cuts—and both he and Reipke wanted to infuse that philosophy into each staffer’s work.

As Brackney says, his “visibility in the industry” both locally and nationally (he has worked with the fashion community here and at New York Fashion Week) helped him rally a credentialed cast to get the salon off the ground. Emma Berg was asked to be the curator of the art gallery inside the salon. Mike Cina designed the logo and created branding (he’s done work for Apple, Best Buy, Kodak, MTV, and more). And Stuart Lyle, whose portfolio includes Thakoon, Jimmy Choo, and other high-end designers, created the website, graphic design, and business cards. “I asked myself, ‘Is this really happening right now?’” Brackney says with a mix of glee and humility. And Jonathan Gomez Whitney created an incredible interior.

We’re lucky Brackney made his career switch. For unpretentious, celebrity-gorgeous hair, make a Haus call.


It isn’t just the branding and talent that sits top shelf at Haus: interior designer Jonathan Gomez Whitney created a visually stunning environment that marries industrial surroundings with lush details, making the space positively photo-shoot worthy.


1. You’ll take before-and-after photos; your stylist stores them on an iPad for future visits. 
2. Haus carries Davines, a luxe Italian line: Don’t miss the leave-in spray conditioner.
3. Contact: 4240 Nicollet Ave. S., Mpls., 612-827-4287, haussalon.com