Prepare Your Hair for the Big Day

Boy meets girl. Boy asks girl out. They fall in love, look at rings, and immediately girl starts to grow the hair. Boy pops the question and time flies while they look at venues and photographers and guest lists. Soon the wedding is around the corner and it’s nearly too late: the girl forgot about her hair!

Don’t let this be you! With many engagements over the holiday season, chances are that as a new bride-to-be, you’re in over your head with to-do lists. I’m here to clear up the hair-care situation so your locks are as glam as you are on the big day.

As most weddings happen between May and October, I’ve made this schedule accordingly, but feel free to adjust it as needed.

February: You have time for about two-to-four haircut/color appointments before the wedding at this point. Now is the time to think about starting to lighten your hair if you’ve gone dark for winter, or if you want a brighter look for the wedding. This gives your colorist time to evolve and perfect a summery shade for you. Ask them to lighten in stages for a safe and healthy-looking result. If you’ve been box coloring or looking for a change, consult a colorist for a plan. Remember, major changes won’t happen in one appointment.

This is also the time to think about ditching some length if you’ve been growing for some time without split-end maintenance. You’ll still have time to grow, but keep trimming every six weeks. Remember, split ends or broken hair will not curl or hold body. Hair grows about a half-inch a month, so there is more to come!

March: It’s booking time! This should be the cut-off for getting your beauty appointments in place. Friday and Saturdays book up quick in the salon, so call ahead to get the perfect time for you and your wedding party. While you’re at it, look up your esthetician for week-of waxings and a facial. (This is a great one to treat Mom to as well!) Stunning skin is a must! My two magical referrals: MJ of Root Salon and Kay of Brow Chic.

April: You have probably tried on your dress a few times now and have been cruising Pinterest and Etsy trying to decide between a traditional veil, a birdcage, a flower, feathers, a headband, or a vintage brooch. Now is the time to choose one so your stylist can customize your style to include it.

May: Your hair color and length should be pretty close to what you’d like for the big day. Now it’s just maintenance. I adore the Kérastase in-salon Express Treatments for shine, moisture, protein, and color protection. The take-home masques are also a luxurious way to condition for optimum hair health. Try Kérastase Elixir Ultime Masque for all hair types.

4-8 weeks Before the Big Day: It’s time to have a trial style with your stylist. This is the perfect time to purchase clip-in extensions if desired and bring the entire style to life. Tip: Have your make-up trial done on the same day and slip into your dress to bring the entire look together. That way you can adjust details as needed.

The night before: Head to the salon for a blow dry (ask for some extra bounce!). This will give you stunning hair for the evening’s festivities while preparing your hair for the morning style. Remember, your stylist may not want you to wash your hair on wedding morning; usually a little dry shampoo does the trick.

Congratulations and cheers to beautiful hair!