Primp & Proper

Cheap chic hits paydirt at this Selby Avenue shop

Despite economic-recovery rumors, we’re still peeping from behind self-manicured fingers at the NASDAQ. Why? Obvious reasons, of course, but we’re also sick of mining for gold in fast-fashion dumps. What happened to personal attention, curated collections, and the promise of fulfilling the Goldilockisan “just right” quest?

Enter Primp, the new “cheap-chic boutique” masterminded by wunder­kinder Michele Henry and Wesley Uthus. They say they’re “fashion obsessed and broke,” and they’re ready to make fast fashion an upscale experience.

They have an eye for design (they design Rapport handbags) and a knack for great service. And they get budgets: Everything is less than $100, most items less than $50. Basics are mindblowingly cheap: $6 leggings? Yes!

The selection skews young, and the pieces aren’t meant for eternity. But it’s guilt-free shopping at its finest while you wait for that raise.

* Watch a video tour of Primp, led by co-owner Michele Henry.

618 Selby Ave., St. Paul