Pumpkin-Spiced Hydrating Sugar Scrub

How the amazing pumpkin can find its way into your beauty routine

Walking the farmers’ markets, hitting the apple orchards, and hopping on hayrides are just a few of the fall traditions we love to do as a family. Of the whole gang, I especially love autumn and everything about it, from the temperatures to the color of the light to the bright pops of red and orange and gold. The food…the smell in the air…Everything!

Well, actually there is one thing that I grapple with: The air dries up. Which is totally great for my curly hair, but my skin struggles. A lot! So not being one to just sit back and let those chapped hands, knees, and elbows get the best of me, I have decided to combine what I love about the season to take care of what I can’t stand.

Here I’ve made a recipe for pumpkin-spiced sugar scrub. Put it on just before you rinse off in the shower, or rub on your hands at the sink after you have been working outside or washing your hands from cooking. You’ll be protected and glowing no matter what the season. I hope you love it!

And PS, this makes a great gift, too!

Pumpkin Inspired Spiced Hydrating Sugar Scrub

1 3/4                c. brown sugar
3/4                   c. granulated sugar (or raw sugar)
3/4                   tsp. cinnamon
1 1/2                 tsp. pumpkin pie spice
1/2                    tsp. nutmeg
1/3                    c. almond or coconut oil (add more as needed)

  1. In a medium to large mixing bowl combine sugars and spices.
  2. Slowly pour in oil and mix with your hands or a wooden spoon until well blended.
  3. You may add more oil to your scrub if it is too dry. You don’t want it to be runny, just a nice damp texture. If it seems too runny just add a little more sugar.
  4. Cover tightly in a glass or plexi container, and you can store your scrub in the refrigerator up to 8 weeks.