Q&A: Organic Haircare Pioneer Daniel Galvin Jr.

Daniel Galvin Jr.

Andrea Hamilton

Despite a roster of A-list clients that includes Nicole Kidman, Kylie Minogue, and members of the British Royal Family, U.K. colorist and salon owner Daniel Galvin Jr. is more than your average celebrity hairstylist. He’s spent the past 15 years pioneering the natural beauty product industry in England.

It all started in the late ’90s after Galvin embraced a healthier lifestyle that included an organic diet. It was then he realized that organic beauty was an untapped market.

“Back then, even the [fashion] editors didn’t believe in organic beauty,” he says. He started experimenting with natural ingredients, breaking down ingredient lists and finding various organic and natural ingredients to replace the chemical ingredients.

But it wasn’t until Prince Charles and Target got involved that Galvin’s popular product line hopped the pond to the U.S. This past spring, Target introduced both of Galvin’s lines: Dubble Trubble, a range for children that includes five pH-balanced hair and body washes and a detangling mist, and OrganicHead, a unisex line of products for adults that includes color-protecting shampoos and a detoxing hair mask.

Galvin’s relationship with the Prince of Wales dates back to 2001 when his organic ginger and lime shampoo made such an impression on the prince he invited Galvin to Buckingham Gate. Two years later, he was asked to become an ambassador to Prince Charles’s trust, and Dubble Trubble is said to be a favorite of the Royal Family. With the U.S. expansion, a portion of the proceeds from Dubble Trubble sales goes to the Prince of Wales Foundation, a U.S.-based organization created by the Prince in 1997 that raises money for sustainable charities around the country.

Both product lines will expand in January with the introduction of new products created exclusively for Target: an OrganicHead hair mask set that includes a towel turban, a Dubble Trubble detangler set that includes a specially made wet brush, and travel sets for both brands.

Galvin took some time out of his busy schedule to stop by the Minnesota Monthly office while in town for a Target meeting to debut the new products and talk about the perks of an organic lifestyle and the importance of making healthy products affordable.

Galvin on Target: “They’re so visionary, they’re probably the best retailer in the world. I come every few months to discuss new product development, and all these exciting new ideas, and they embrace it, which is one of the reasons I love to come to America–it’s about the reasons you should do something, opposed to us Brits, it’s about all the reasons you shouldn’t do something.”

On their product line expansion and how that ties into Target’s goals: “Target’s new [beauty] initiatives are wellness-based and natural. They’re launching an extended naturals section in January during which point [Dubble Trubble and OrganicHead] will get into more stores.”

On what sets his product lines apart from other brands: “They have to perform–they’ve got my name on it, and clients want to be able to maintain the effects they get at the salon at home.”

On how he embraced an organic lifestyle: “I lived a very chemical life through my 20s. And my wife, then-girlfriend, got me into organic living. So I had a huge u-turn, turning to an organic lifestyle. I enjoyed the benefits and gains of what I was putting in my body. And I saw that in beauty it was an untapped sector, so I wanted to embrace that, and I did.”

On the importance of making his products affordable (Dubble Trubble costs $4.99 per product, while the OrganicHead line is priced at $8.99 each): “Back in the day for me, it was impossible, because the organic ingredients were just so expensive. But now, the volumes that we buy, we get better discounts, and we in turn can pass that on to consumers. Organic has always had a bit of a snob reputation, because of the prices. But if you have the suppliers, you can get the ingredients at a discount. I like to think it sets an example to other businesses, my competitors, who are charging through the nose, for science-based products that I know cost a fraction to develop. When it’s costing you a dollar to make a product and you’re charging $30, it’s just misleading. I always wanted to be able to be able to bring ethical, sustainable products to the masses–especially a single mother who still wants to give their kids the best.”

On how he balances high performance with natural ingredients: “It’s a very fine line. OrganicHead is 72% organic ingredients. If you try to push the boundaries further than that, and I know because I’ve been doing it for long enough, you won’t get the results, and people want results. So we’ve got the best of nature and science.”

OrganicHead and Dubble Trubble are available at Target stores and target.com.

Daniel Galvin Jr. OrganicHead™ Detox Hair Masque, $8.99 @ Target & target.com

Daniel Galvin Jr. OrganicHead™ Blonde Conditioner, $8.99 @ Target & target.com

Daniel Galvin Jr. OrganicHead™ Detox Shampoo, $8.99 @ Target & target.com

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