Real Style

Describing Sara Soli at her job, Greenspring’s marketing director, is kind of like the way they describe Ginsu knives or Magic Bullets on infomercials: She slices, she dices, she juliennes! But instead, she’s meeting up, she’s putting on, she’s marketing, she’s coordinating!

Coordinating in more ways than one. Sara has a style all her own: sort of preppy and classic, but she also has a little bit of a rock edge. She’s not afraid of accessories or sparkle. And as a petite woman, she really knows what fits and flatters her. (Which is the most important lesson for each of us.) Yep, it’s safe to say I love her look.

Today she stopped by my cubicle to show me her outfit: black and gold (classic, chic combo), but with…cowboy boots. “Aren’t my shoes funny with this?” she said.

Actually, they’re pretty awesome. Why? One: dresses down the sparkle in the skirt, which could otherwise look possibly too cocktail-y before 5 p.m. Two: This time of year is tricky to balance between spring colors and weights, but stay warm on cooler days. I love how this mostly dark ensemble still feels like laid-back spring. (Also: the leaf pendant was an inheritance from her mother-in-law; it’s vintage!) Plus, she made me feel like I could still wear black tights, even though I swore off them for the season just yesterday. Maybe all I need is a pair of cowboy boots…

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