Recession-Proof Beauty

For a while there, checking my 401(k) statement was an almost-daily ritual—one usually accompanied by high-calorie candy and Kleenex. That was until I finally accepted that my investments, balanced and Suze Orman-endorsed though they might be, were not going to return to their flush, early 2007 levels overnight. The jig was up and I was down 37.4 percent.

Only recently did I find myself logging into my little account and almost hoping for an even bigger red number. It felt naughy, like when I don’t finish an article in the Economist, but I had good reason: Jon Charles Salon Stimulus Package. If you’ve never been to the sleek Uptown establishment, book an appointment now and present your 2008 401(k) statement to receive the same percentage off a mani, pedi, haircut or color (up to 50 percent) as you lost on your account. (Note: this crazy offer is good for new clients only).

For example: A much-needed pedicure will cost me $34.43 instead of $55—easily justifying the fresh salad rolls and the crying tiger salad I’ll pick up at Tum Rup Thai afterward.

Jon Charles Salon
1221 W. Lake St., Minneapolis