Remembering Minnesota Style Icon, Cindy Rae Betting

You may not know it, but every Minnesotan has been touched in some way by Cindy Rae Betting. If you are in the advertising industry, you may have worked with her when she was the beautiful model or brilliant hair and make-up artist on your production. If you were blessed to be a model or actor in her chair, well, I do not need to tell you how lucky you were. If you do not know her immediately, it is guaranteed you have seen her work and without even realizing it, enjoyed her artistic talent over the last 25+ years in film, television, and print ads.

Cindy Rae and the true meaning of beauty go hand in hand. She started her career in the advertising world as a model known for her long lean legs, and a smile to light up any room. Even though Cindy’s beauty on the outside was apparent, it was her inner beauty that made Cindy radiant. She shared her light and love as an amazing mother to her two sons, and left every person blessed to meet her and know her feeling more capable and beautiful then before. Cindy is true beauty.

I am writing about Cindy today because although a short and hard fought battle with cancer took her from us this last Friday, she made a real and lovely and truly beautiful impact in the heart of Minnesota.

In true Minnesotan fashion, the outpouring of sympathy and support to Cindy’s family continues, and if would also like to send your condolences there is a scholarship fund set up for her two sons at The Lukas & Jackson Betting Scholarship Fund, c/o UBS, 80 S 8th St, Minneapolis, 55402.