Return of the Governor of Fun

Dylan Hicks reemerges with a new novel, a new CD, and the same playful wit

A decade ago, fans of local music knew Dylan Hicks as the Governor of Fun, a sly play on the outsized identities that musicians once created for themselves like Otis Redding’s “Love Man.” He was pretty fun, though. And he remains so in his new novel, Boarded Windows, about a young man coping—often hilariously—with the hazy tricks of memory, the dubious wisdom of his elders, and, as it’s set in Minneapolis, blizzards. The companion CD, Dylan Hicks Sings Bolling Greene, takes its inspiration from the fictional country musician Bolling Greene who skirts the edges of the novel. Here, a collection of Hicks performances past and present.

Hicks performs “West Texas Winds” from Dylan Hicks Sings Bolling Greene:

The video for “City Lights” from Hicks’s 2001 album Alive With Pleasure:

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