Review: Upside Down Mascara

I thought I had seen everything, but lo and behold, I have been surprised! What you ask could possibility astound this beauty veteran who has seen everything?  Well leave it to Sephora to bring out an innovation on mascara application.

Sephora’s Upside Down Mascara has a truly one-of-a-kind applicator, or should I say applicators.

Actually three in one: surround top lashes with a 360 degree application, pinch brushes together for maximum lift and volume, use smaller brush for lower lashes.

I bought some to try it out, here’s what I found:

How it works:

The wand works by placing a 360-degree application on the top lashes. After dipping the closed wand into the tube (make sure you wipe off the end because a little too much product accumulates on it), allow the two brushes to open. Carefully and gently close the two brushes around the top lashes to coat (top and underneath). In all honesty, it takes a little practice not to get mascara on the top lid, however coating the lashes top and bottom really does give more fullness and lift.

Maximum volume

Next pinch the two wands together and apply as you usually would on the outer corners of the lashes to add more volume (there is no need to re-dip as wand will still have plenty of product). This mascara formula goes on a little wet but really builds to makes the lashes look much thicker.

Smaller wand for lower lashes

Use the smaller narrower wand on the lower lashes. It may take a little practice to use without getting mascara on the skin, but only because you need to figure out how to hold the applicator.

Before and after

Upside Down Mascara Before and After

Photo by Fatima Olive

I only dipped the wand once into the tube for this application. There is no other make up on my eyes. I also have pretty sensitive eyes and haven’t experienced any irritation from this product.

Overall, I love the formula and volume it gives, even though it does go on a little wet at first. The mascara wears well without flaking or irritation, but the new applicator takes some practice to use. If you are a makeup novice I would say skip this one, but for those makeup junkies looking for something new and different give it a try.